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2012-02-19 01:00

Citizens all over the world are becoming more and more aware of the undemocratic way that most of their ELECTED leaders are treating them. It seems that they would rather favour the corrupt and damaging power of the Oil and Gas companies than do what they were elected for - to protect our citizens. And this is obviously true of our so called leaders in Brussels. Let us hope that as the will of ordinary people becomes more boldly expressed that these leaders will realise that we want leaders who stand-up for us - in fact - leaders who are true leaders and not petty bureaucrats.



2012-02-19 12:51

NO FRACKING IRELAND network. Not here, not anywhere.



2012-02-19 13:52

Fracking for energy is counter productive because it generates more carbon and destabilises natural resources. It is a signficant health and safety threat.



2012-02-19 16:43

Fantastic keep spreading the word!!!



2012-02-19 22:38

Fracking is an assault on the integrity of the earth and should be banned forthright.



2012-02-20 18:11

Lorsque l'homme aura pollué sols et nappes phréatiques, que les terres agricoles seront réduites à peau de chagrin, il s’apercevra alors que le pétrole ne se boit pas, qu'il ne se mange pas, que le gaz ne se respire pas et à ce moment là, à ce moment précis, il n'aura même plus de larmes pour pleurer.



2012-02-21 14:40

Say NO to Shale Gas



2012-02-22 19:40

Nous vivons dans leur des plus beau pays au monde dans la province de Québec. Ma famille est contre la fracturation du schiste. Merci d'en tenir compte.



2012-02-24 14:24

I am from the UK, and oppose fracking in Europe and the UK. I haven't been able to find the UK on the petition so have signed as being from Ireland.



2012-02-29 01:20

I am also from the UK and find it hard to believe that the UK is blocking the Fuel Quality Directive which would make it difficult for Fracking to be carried out in Europe. There is a petition being organised by Avaaz, please see: AND:- AND a short video on Fracking:-

The information is out there, countless papers have been written about it, so why has the British Government given out so many licenses to Fracking companies in the UK and why are they oposing the EU directive to control toxins in fuels ? - France has banned Fracking altogether and so should ALL European countries ! A call for a moratorium in the UK is not enough. Banning is the way to go as Fracking will never be safe neither for the environment nor for human beings. I don't want my drinking water contaminated and my health compromised for the sake of this 'Fracking' industry. Jobs, perhaps but at what price ? Not my family's health thank you very much ! j. gordon (West Sussex). p.s. we don't want earthquakes either ...did you hear about the earthquake in Lancashire last year? A direct cause of Fracking and the company operating has had to admit it.

And please sign this UK petition to help the UK ban Fracking:- Thanks !



2012-03-01 00:49

En conscience, pour l'avenir de nos enfants, le respect de nos terres, comme une évidence "Non à l'exploitation du gaz de schiste"



2012-03-01 20:54

Le sous sol de France n'appartient à aucune compagnie pétrolière, ni à aucun lobby. Il appartient au peuple français. C'est une folie d'imaginer pouvoir se l'approprier en toute impunité.



2012-03-06 22:20

Vivement la fin de cette histoire de schiste sous nos pieds =)



2012-03-13 13:10

L'eau est si rare.....



2012-03-15 23:14

Non au fracking



2012-03-20 01:00

Même de l'autre côté de l'océan, je suis solidaire.



2012-03-24 04:49

No fracking in Europe - no fracking in Ireland.



2012-03-24 04:53

Je pense que fracking est trés mal pour l'environment et il faut etre interdit immédiatement


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#20 Gaz dz schiste

2012-07-22 14:21

Non c'est l'Eu génisme regardez eugénisme