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2012-02-28 23:20

I am also from the UK and find it hard to believe that the UK is blocking the Fuel Quality Directive which would make it difficult for Fracking to be carried out in Europe. There is a petition being organised by Avaaz, please see: AND:- AND a short video on Fracking:-

The information is out there, countless papers have been written about it, so why has the British Government given out so many licenses to Fracking companies in the UK and why are they oposing the EU directive to control toxins in fuels ? - France has banned Fracking altogether and so should ALL European countries ! A call for a moratorium in the UK is not enough. Banning is the way to go as Fracking will never be safe neither for the environment nor for human beings. I don't want my drinking water contaminated and my health compromised for the sake of this 'Fracking' industry. Jobs, perhaps but at what price ? Not my family's health thank you very much ! j. gordon (West Sussex). p.s. we don't want earthquakes either ...did you hear about the earthquake in Lancashire last year? A direct cause of Fracking and the company operating has had to admit it.

And please sign this UK petition to help the UK ban Fracking:- Thanks !